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Uncle Zugg
Randy "Jausch" Schroeder: Guitars, Vocals, and whatever else it takes
David "Holly" Hildebrand: Drums, Shakers, Rattles and Knocks
Uncle Zugg is a Grey Mennonite Swing band based in both Calgary, Alberta and Seattle, Washington. Contemporary Grey Mennonite Swing is usually referred to as "GMS," with the "G" standing for "Greasy." But Uncle Zugg don't go for that. They honour their ethnic tradition, that of the little-known Russian Grey Mennonites, with its distinctive culture, mythology, religion and music. Nothing greasy about that.
What is Grey Mennonite Swing?
Mennonite Swing, like every aspect of Grey Mennonite culture, is a swampy, chewy, hybrid stew of styles and influences. It reflects both the diasporic and omnivorous nature of the Grey Mennonites: like all their kin, they were constantly on the run from religious persecution; unlike any of their kin, they absorbed "non-Christian" elements from every geography they passed through.
Mennonite Swing itself borrows heavily from Mennonite hymnody for its melodic and harmonic structures, but also from a diverse mix of external influences, including Dutch levensleid, Ukrainian antihemitonic folk, and the so-called "Gypsy Scales" of Hungary. Rhythmically, Mennonite Swing is even more diverse. If you are interested, please visit
Randy "Jausch" Schroeder
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David "Holly " Hildebrand
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